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Formally Known As 

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Formally Known As 
Curated by Motlalepula Phukubje

Main Gallery

FKA is a representation of the collective reflections of 6 POC womxn, and 2018 Michaelis School of Fine Art graduates. Individually, each work uniquely expresses each artist's personal response to the phrase, contemplating and materialising her own paths of deconstruction/reconstruction, in and outside of the institution that became known as ‘FKA Michaelis'. The collection of works subtly assesses and reflects on each artist's years at the institution. It allows the group a space to re-engage with notions of "who we are", "who we were", "what is" and "what was". 

The exhibition presents itself as the emotional and metaphysical reverberations of scrutinizing complexities of identity, grappling with concepts of learning, un-learning and further subverting taught truths directly associated with the brown female body. Collectively, the works speak to broader ideas that reject dominant narratives - giving voice to important shared experiences, in particular narratives of women of colour living in contemporary South Africa, against the walls of institutionalism and colonialism. "In a time of protest and change, FKA is a space to rename and reimagine ourselves". Mthethwa describes the group as "young artists trying to understand what it is to create new meanings for things that for so long seemed unchangeable".  

Bulumko Mbete
Kim Karabo Makin
LegakwanaLeo Makgekgenene
Lebapalo Tsiki
Malwande Mthethwa
Savannah Summers
Akudzwe Elsie Chiwa
Larissa Mwanya

Please join us for refreshments at the exhibition opening: Thursday 28 February 2019 at 6pm


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