Current Exhibitions

  1. Long Gallery

    Widescreen Lovers │CAMERON PLATTER │ 9 June - September 2014
  2. Main Gallery

    Binary Humans Residency │JAN-HENRI BOOYENS│ 4 July - 21 August 2014
  3. Artstrip

    Binary Humans Residency │JAN-HENRI BOOYENS│ 4 July - 21 August 2014

Upcoming Exhibitions

The Artist in Residency Programme : JAN-HENRI BOOYENS’ BINARY HUMANS Residency July – August 2014

Jan-Henri Booyens will be utilizing The AVA gallery space between 4 July and 21 August 2014, continuously producing work and [...]

About ArtReach

AVA’s Artreach Fund is aimed at broadening opportunities for visual artists by creating art making possibilities, by assisting visual artists with funding for their art-related needs. Material costs, exhibition expenses, studio rental, visual literacy and education programmes are among the bouquet of brilliance in the making that the AVA Artreach fund supports. The beauty of the Artreach fund is that it offers every art lover the opportunity to make a direct contribution to the development of the visual arts in South Africa.