Com!cs Portfolio

Com!cs Portfolio


Com!cs, 2018

Artists included in this portfolio: Anton Kannemeyer, Mogorosi Motshumi, Bonolo Kavula, Nanna Venter, Evan Sohun, Breeze Yoko and Bambi Kramer

Six South African and two international comic artists were invited to create original comic panels for the production of a limited-edition portfolio book, in partnership with Strauss & Co and Scanshop. The book features one story, illustrated in an ‘exquisite corpse’ fashion, whereby the direction of the story was determined by artists seeing only the artwork that preceded theirs. Original panels were exhibited alongside an array of works by comic artists from around the country in two exhibitions: Com!cs and Under 18s Only, that ran from 21 June to 29 July 2018.

First edition sold at Strauss & Co live auction. Print edition: 15

Portfolio (graphic novel) includes a reproduction of each work, perfect-bound in a 30x30cm hardcover book with embossed wibalin slipcase.

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