Cheryl Traub Adler

Cheryl Traub Adler is a multi-disciplinary artist and teacher. After graduating from Michaelis School of Fine Art she worked for the Cape Town Opera for many years, before having children.

Thereafter her studies at Centre for Creative Education focused on Art Therapy. Cheryl taught at the Peter Clarke Centre and was a founding member of staff at Reddam House, where she continues to assist at the college.

Her own artistic practice has created two solo exhibitions and a number of group shows. She has worked as an artist in residence in Morocco and Lisbon. Cheryl’s online studies include Medicine and the Arts, Humanizing Healthcare, Identity, Conflict and Public Space, Behind the Scenes at the 21st Century Museum and Exploring Japanese Avant-garde Art through Butoh Dance.

Cheryl is a published poet and has presented at the McGregor Poetry Festival. Currently she is driving an Artists Collective and is involved with Open Streets. Her dream is to establish and artists community.

Carla Latsky