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Jeff Dooley - Abstraction & Improvisation

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Music, it is said, is the most abstract of the arts. It does not attempt to imitate reality, rather it creates its own new reality. So too does an abstract painting. Holding this synergy in mind Jeff Dooley created his "Abstraction & Improvisation" which studies how music could be transposed onto canvas.

"I have been fascinated for some time now by their interrelationship – their overlapping vocabularies, our emotional responses to them, and the modern understanding of the cross-modal interactions in auditory and visual perception. Exploring the relationship between painting and music has been an ongoing concern of many abstract painters since the times of Kandinsky and Klee." - Jeff Dooley

Dooley's practice is strongly guided by approaches seen in improvisation in jazz performances, the shifts of the music between structure and apparent randomness, between control and accident, between consonance and dissonance, between tension and release strongly influenced Dooley's works.

" The musicians ad-lib within the framework of chord structure, harmonic progression, tempo and musical key and in my paintings, I have tried to find visual analogues for these." - Jeff Dooley

Experience Dooley's exhibition in the Long Gallery at the AVA until 16.11.19