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Three - St John Fuller, Stefan Louw & Gardi Coetser 


St John Fuller, Stefan Louw & Gardi Coetser 

Mezzanine Gallery

Three, a title used for its simplicity. A straightforward heading giving space to each photographer to bring forth a subject that has captured their imagination. 

St.John Fuller’s Oracles-series explores the notion of who is an activist and what do they do? Often these people are everyday people that find themselves compelled to act. Stefan Louw’s The Bushman and the Praying Mantis-series brings forth an insight into an understanding of the world that is just on our doorsteps, but which is quickly being lost.  Finally, Gardi Coetser’s Kameeldoringboom-collection offers a quiet contemplation on the wonders of a tree that seems to stand in defiance of a harsh environment. 

Click to view selected works by Gardi Coester, St. John Fuller and Stefan Louw

Exhibition Open Daily

Monday to Friday: 10am- 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 1pm. 

Sunday and Public Holidays closed.