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The In-Between - Sonya Rademeyer

Sonya Rademeyer exhibition

The In-Between 

Sonya Rademeyer

Long Gallery

Through the action of gestural drawing Sonya Rademeyer explores the in-between spaces,  visualizing the invisibility of the space between Self and Other.

Placing her work at the intersection of art, science and consciousness Rademeyer seeks to visualize empathy. Her interest in exploring empathy is a direct result of having previously worked as an ICU nurse. Likening the in-between to an imaginary geographical space between self and Other, it is within the boundaries of this space that the fragility of empathy might be visualized.

To view a selected works form the exhibition, click here

Exhibition Open Daily

Monday to Friday: 10am- 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 1pm. 

Sunday and Public Holidays closed.